STAGE SwitchBlade 2.0 - Double Bladed SUP Combination Paddle




The best Stand-Up Paddleboard Paddle EVER

This combination package include additional parts to convert paddle from one SwitchBlade 2-sided SUP Paddle to two traditional SUP 3-piece paddles.

The new STAGE SwitchBlade 2-sided SUP Paddle features adjustable length via two cam-levers to adjust between differing paddler's heights. The cam-lever adjustment also allows for feathering of the blades to aid paddling in windy conditions. The paddle breaks down into 9 pieces for easy storage. Foam is included to aid with paddle flotation.

The SwitchBlade is also available in a combination package that includes additional pieces to convert the Switchblade into two single bladed sup paddles.


  • Lightweight Aluminum Shaft
  • Combination Package can be assemble as 1 SwitchBlade or 2 traditional SUP paddles.
  • Assembled SwitchBlade adjusts between 118"/300cm to 156"/396cm to fit paddlers 5'2 to 6'3
  • Assembled SwitchBlade weighs 65.6oz/1.86kg
  • Individual 3-Piece traditional SUP paddles adjusts between 67"/170cm to 86/218cm
  • Individual 3-Piece traditional SUP Paddles weighs 36.8oz/1.04kg
  • Floats thanks to foam inserts
  • SwitchBlade makes paddling upstream or into wind easy.
  • Compliments both Hard SUP Boards and Inflatable SUP (iSUP) Boards

2-sided SUP Paddle

Double your fun in the sun

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Chase M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Good paddle, but not without its flaws

Overall, this paddle works well. Being able to use it for 2-sided paddling while standing is nice, but works your muscles in a different way that I personally dislike when compared to conventional paddles. My only complaint is that the shape of the paddle itself is sloped more than I would prefer, which makes it somewhat harder to control.

steve b.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Well. Built

Easy assembly, easy to handle

Scott C.
Rolling On The River

I bought my first paddleboard this spring and it immediately changed my life. On about my second run, I immediately realized the inefficiency of the classic single blade SUP paddle. I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have an extended double-bladed kayak paddle to be more efficient?" I went home and searched online and found the Stage Switchblade 2.0 paddle and ordered it. I fell in love with it on my first outing. Simply put, it allows you to generate more power with less work so you can go faster and stay at speed without losing power (especially going into a headwind). It's easy to assemble, disassemble, store and transport. The adjustable length is great when you switch from sitting or kneeling and paddling to standing and paddling. You can extend the length so when standing you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort. I am 6' 3" inches tall and I live in a world where nearly everything is designed first for people shorter than I so I appreciate things that meet my height requirements. I live in Austin, Texas, and paddleboarding is a very popular activity. Oddly enough, I don't see many double bladed oars and the Switchblade 2.0 gets lots of looks and questions. My customer experience with Stage has been stellar and they have been very quick, responsive and helpful. Since the paddle is made up of 5 separate parts, there is a bit of give in each stroke. Personally, I'd like to see a version that might be heavier but is sturdier in the water with less give.

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