STAGE SwitchBlade Double Bladed SUP Paddle


 The new STAGE SwitchBlade features adjustable length via two cam-levers to adjust between differing paddler's heights. The cam-lever adjustment also allows for feathering of the blades to aid paddling in windy conditions.  The paddle breaks down into 5 pieces for easy storage.     

  • Lightweight Aluminum Shaft
  • Adjusts between 118"/300cm to 156"/396cm to fit paddlers 5'2 to 6'3
  • Weighs 65.6oz/1.86kg
  • Make paddling upstream or into wind easy.


Double your fun in the sun

The STAGE SwitchBlade paddle is used similar to a kayak paddle while stand up paddleboarding. This method creates a steady rhythm, which provides better balance and increased maneuverability. These paddles are great for beginners learning to balance and for experts running rivers or paddling into currents and small waves.  Once you try the STAGE Switchblade, you will not want to go back to a single paddle again. 

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