Non-Profit Support

Stage is launching a new effort in the FALL of 2016 to drive more attention to non-profit groups and businesses who are making an effort to benefit the Outdoor Recreation industry, as well as the State of Utah.

The Stage Stunt goggles are one of the most versatile platforms in the world and also an outstanding value. Two adult sizes, and one new youth size, are compatible with most helmets used for skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and motocross. There are also multiple high-quality customization options for lenses and straps, even photochromic lenses.


We want to help you raise money and get more exposure to your organization through a unique program with zero financial investment or commitment by YOU. Once we determine if you are a good fit for the program you can either jump in and help participate, or even just approve the goggle design we create and we will do our best to promote your organization. It’s up to you!

Step 1 Our graphic designers are going to create co-branded custom straps for various organizations who would like to get more exposure through our marketing effort in late 2016.

Step 2 We are going to determine a quantity of goggles to order initially based on a retail price of $39.99. There is no commitment from the partner organization in any way, other than approval to move forward and meeting the program criteria.

Step 3 The custom goggles will be ordered and delivered around September 2016. We will send you five of your new personalized goggles free of charge. You can sell them, wear them, test them, show them, etc. Whatever you think is best!

Step 4 Stage will roll out a national marketing program as well as local marketing. Any marketing done by each organization will be appreciated to support sales of their custom design.

Step 5 Stage will not share 50% of the profit, we will share 50% of the retail price! Yes, each goggle sold will offer the organization $20. The first payment from Stage will be made in early December for sales up to the end of November 2016. The next payment in early February 2017 for sales in December 2016 and January 2017.

Step 6  The packaging is crisp and displays well. A sticker on the packaging can show your customers what the included branded strap looks like.

If you are interested to learn more, please email


There are other ways these goggles can be used in fundraising you may want to consider. Giveaways, donation rewards, trade for advertising, and direct sales from your own sites. We only ask that you respect the program and other participants holding the minimum advertised value at $39.99.

If you would like to purchase a quantity of goggles for any purpose or you recommend we start with a higher quantity beyond 50 units we can discuss all options available.