STAGE offers the best goggle customization program in the country.

High quality goggles great for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and other activities. We make it easy with great customer service, a retail price under $70, free initial artwork, a great sample program, a minimum order quantity of only 20 units, and a short lead time, this is the best goggle value in the industry. We have provided goggles to hundreds of clubs, resorts, businesses, and other organizations.

We can help create the artwork, or provide you a template to work with. Any order over 20 units receives free initial artwork and one adjustment. 

We have MANY straps already created that can be modified, or used for inspiration.  Shop through different combinations here:


We require the STAGE brand to be shown toward the front of the strap to assist with customer service, additional lens sales, and consistent branding.   

Please do not contact us if you do not have the rights to use the logo and/or design elements you would like to include. Whoever has the rights must contact us, or you can also get us their contact info if we can assist you in any way. 

Please contact at for more information or to order samples.

want to customize other products?

Email us at for more information.