STAGE X10 Expedition SUP

The STAGE X10 Expedition iSUP inflatable stand-up paddleboard is perfect for all levels of paddleboarders. 

Our most stable board is great for fishing, running rivers, even overnight trips loaded with gear. 

  • This board comes equipped with six metal D tie downs, located along the sides of the board, perfect for securing loose belongings and extra heavy hauling, along with an additional 4-point bungee system located near the tip of the board.
  • The X10 Expedition iSUP is also equipped with diamond patterned EVA non-slip grip mat to help ensure better grip while in the water.
  • A handle is located on the center of the board, tip, and tail of the board to make carrying from car to beach even easier.
  • Includes a removable (no tool required) fin for added speed and stability on the water.

Package Includes:

  • iSUP Board
  • 3-Piece Aluminum Paddle
  • 2-Stage High PSI hand pump
  • Removable fin
  • Patch Kit
  • Leash
  • Carrying Bag/Backpack

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Outdoor Adventure Awaits

Bass fishing on the STAGE f11

Watch JB fishing for bass on the STAGE F11 Fishing SUP Paddle Board at Sand Hollow Reservoir in Utah.

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Bridget S


Although I have been on a few boards, I never owned, nor have I had much experience in general. I am a beginner for sure. Saw the pontoons on the X10 and just knew it was going to add stability, and does it ever! Took about 10 minutes to get all set up. Everything was super easy. As I decided to head out on the canal, I really didn't think the wind was that strong. It was. The STAGE X10 still had the ability to maneuver thru the wind and the current with out getting pushed to one side or another. I loved it! Had such a great day and was able to focus more on my paddle stroke technique and powering upwind than I was about staying upright. It floated like a angel downwind and seemed to easily stay true to my course without having to over compensate or paddling each side per stroke to stay straight. I am totally hooked and love my new sport! I think I can even try a little yoga on this boat of a board! Would highly recommend!!! So fun!

Adrian Garcia

I’m a believer.

Was referred by a friend and purchased this board and I gotta say it was everything my friend said it was. The stability is fantastic for a beginner. The STAGE X10 is durable and easy to inflate and deflate in a matter of minutes. I’m definitely a believer of this board and am going to refer it to all my family members and other friends as well. The STAGE X10 is definitely a board everyone will love. Can’t wait to get back out on the water. It’s a must have.

Scott Carroll

Super Stable -- Like A Barge!

Bought as a second iSUP for friends, visitors, family, etc. Was looking for something super stable for an absolute beginner to have no trouble with from the get go and this exceeded my expectations. The inflatable pontoon rails on the sides of the board give it stability like no other board I've tried before. The rails are elevated above the board so when you list too much to one side where normally you might fall over, it supports you and actually pushes back against the water and keeps you upright! Brilliant idea! It also makes it easier to put your paddle down without it touching the water by laying it across the rails. Less worry about stuff falling into the water too. It's more like a boat than a board in a way. I have a couple of friends in the 60+ age range who thought their playing days were over until they tried this thing and immediately went out and bought one of their own because they felt that comfortable and confident on it after one try. It is twice as heavy as my 12'6" x 30" iSUP and I notice it carries its momentum better because of the weight and takes an extra effort to stop than a lighter board. Glides like a dream. It's less work staying balanced and not much different in terms of effort in getting around. I may make it my go-to board when a second is not needed. Kinda in love with it. I'm also a big fan and advocate of the double-bladed paddle made by the same company. Far more efficient than a single blade oar.

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