STAGE Y10 Yoga iSUP - 108 Teal 2021 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard


The Y10 Yoga board is built with greater stability and relaxation in mind, by featuring a longer and wider body, plus a larger low profile EVA non-slip grip mat to ensure you have a comfortable and steady grip. The Y10 Yoga board is fantastic for any skill level, and even those new to yoga or new to paddle-boarding.

Inflated Dimensions: 10’8″x34″x6″ | Construction: Fused Two Layer PVC

Board Weight: 23lbs | Package Weight: 30.2lbs
Optimal User Weight: <250lbs | Max User Weight: 300lbs
Optimal PSI: 12psi | Max PSI: 15psi


- Fused Two Layer Construction: The industry's leading construction method, double layer fusion is lightweight and super durable, making it perfect for inflatable paddleboards.

6" Drop-Stitch Technology: This amazing technology allows STAGE paddleboards to be incredibly stable and rigid, thanks to the tens of thousands 6" fibers in-between the board. 

Blunt Nose & Tail: The untraditional shape of the Y10 allows for the board to offer a more stable platform for doing yoga on the water. This shape is also fantastic for beginner riders looking for an extra stable inflatable SUP board.

Low Profile Textured Deck: The Y10 utilizes a unique Alligator Skin textured deck that is smooth and replicates the feeling of a yoga mat while providing a non-slip/stable surface. 

4 Point Bunge: The 4-point bungee system allows you to store your gear, paddles, shoes, and more while out on the water.

4 Deck D-Rings: Four metal D-rings allow you to attach a shoulder strap for carrying, kayak seat, paddle holders, and more. 

2 Handles: A Front handle is mounted on the tip of the board, allowing you to pull the board out of the water with ease. A low profile handle located in the center of the board allowing you to easily carry the board from car to water.

High Pressure Valve: High pressure = more stable. STAGE inflatable paddleboards hold up to 15 PSI, but typically 12 PSI is the sweet spot. 



Carrying / Storage Backpack: Use the provided backpack for storing your board and all of it's accessories, as well as transporting your SUP anywhere you go. Typically most cars can fit 3-4 paddleboard backpacks in their trunk.

3-Piece Aluminum Paddle: An aluminum paddle is included, this paddle easily breaks down into 3 pieces for transportation and storage. 

Single Action Hand Pump: This high efficiency pump has a built in pressure gauge, as well as includes a high efficiency hose. 

Ankle Leash: A 10' ankle leash that easily attaches to your board and your ankle. The ankle leash helps keep you close to your board in case you fall off.

Repair Kit: Every board includes a repair kit with patches, PVC glue, and valve tool, just in case worse comes to worse.



All STAGE Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the board itself. Parts and accessories include a 90 day manufacturer warranty.

More fun on the water

Get on the water easily with any of STAGE's Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards (iSUP). Multiple models allow for a variety of uses. Enjoy paddling on the S10 Journey for all around use, S10 Expedition for increased stability and weight capacity, Y10 for yoga poses and basic paddling, S9 for teens and small adults (less than 120lbs), and the J8 for the little adventurers (under 80lbs).

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Sabrina P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Wonderfully stable board for calm water, great for Yoga practise

This yoga board comes as a complete kit - you don't have to buy anything extra unless you want to upgrade accessory items based on your preferences. (That being said, my location can be breezy so I've upgraded to Stage's 2-sided paddle.) I love the light weight and ease of use of this iSUP yoga board. While it is thoughtfully designed for the specific purpose of practicing yoga, this stability of this board also makes it a great entry level board for flat water use. Anyone who lives in an apartment, lacks a roof rack, and/or has storage issues (and who doesn't?) will appreciate the convenience of this inflatable product. Lightweight standup paddle boards (~24 lbs.) are great for people who want to get out on the water without the muscle or crew to launch a heavy craft (though you should practice safe boating with others around). The supplied aluminum/poly paddle has a comfortable handle, and assembles quickly and easily; I have used it both sitting and standing. It stows easily in the bungee during yoga practice. Given the yoga focus of the board, high performance racing paddles are unnecessary. Once properly inflated, the board is very rigid and stable. It is constructed with three fins for stability, but only one of them is removable, and the other two are cushioned in foam during shipping. The extra width of the iSUP increases stability compared to narrower boards - which also makes it great for beginners, kids, and paddling with dogs - though you probably want their claws to be dulled first. This yoga board is purpose-built for stability on calm water; do not expect choppy water cruising to be comfortable (the nose is level rather than rockered). D-rings are thoughtfully positioned so that you can add a kayak seat, but expect to be wet. The D-rings can also be used to temporarily raft two boards together (my dogs were enchanted with this during a break in the paddling). The rear ring can be used to tow your child's board if necessary. At 12 PSI, there is just enough give to the surface to make it easier for yoga plus more comfortable than a rigid board for sit paddling without an accessory seat. The wide deck with the alligator traction pad and the low profile handles, plus the leash attachment at the stern of the deck allow for freedom of movement on the deck. A height of 6" is common with iSUPs, but it does catch the breeze a bit, so paddle to a location where you can drift a bit while practicing yoga poses. I could not find a weight limit, but the yoga board holds myself and my two dogs stably without a problem. Construction is two ply (much sturdier than single ply, lighter weight than triple ply for ease of carrying). If you live in an apartment and will be inflating/deflating with every use, you may want to upgrade to a double action pump. There is great portability either deflated in the backpack or inflated. The backpack serves its purpose well enough, though you may want to modify it or upgrade to something more comfortable if you plan on hiking far, or if you need wheels for dragging the kit. The backpack enables compact storage and transport inside the car, instead of buying a roof rack. It also helps protects the kit while in the car from abrasions and decreases likelihood of punctures. However, I would not store this item in the trunk of my hot car day after day. Care is simple. Rinse off sand, salt, and dirt thoroughly. Let dry completely to avoid mold and mildew. Once dry, store indoors to avoid sun, weather damage, and chronic dampness. Much like camping equipment, it probably should not be stored in a hot attic.

Stuart F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Awesome Board

This being my first paddle board I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. The size is wonderful and matting is super grippy to practice yoga. It handles very well in windy/choppy lake conditions. I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase.

Courtney C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best board for balance and fun

So far this board is awesome and exactly what I need! I love the added stability and room from the yoga specific shape and size. The extra thickness takes lots of movement from myself and my dog without feeling unstable. Quality is apparent, looking at friends boards from other companies, you can tell the materials are solid and it’s a superior board.

Carly M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love this SUP!!

I purchased the Y10 Yoga iSUP before any reviews were posted hoping that because of this company’s reputation with other products, it would be reliable at my price point. I’ve loved it so far! It’s a little wider and more stable than other iSUPs I’ve used which allows me to practice yoga and generally just relax on the water. I’m happy to be one of the first reviews and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a fun, stable and seemingly durable iSUP!

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