5 Best Places to Paddle Board Near Salt Lake City, Utah

June 08, 2017

Salt Lake City does not fall short when it comes to outdoor adventure activities.  It truly is a skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and biking mecca...but, what about paddle-boarding?  Thankfully there are plenty of places to offer a pleasant day on the lake all within a short drive of Downtown Salt Lake City.  Here are some of our favorites:


  1. Jordanelle Reservoir – Wasatch County

    40 Minutes from Downtown SLC

    45 Minutes from AJ Motion Sports, Sandy

    The Jordanelle Reservoir is one the most popular reservoirs in Utah since the mid 90’s, fueled by the Provo River and impounded by the Jordanelle Dam. With approximately 5 square miles of chilly water, well kept camping/boating facilities, and winding trails the Jordanelle is an adventurer hotspot.

    With lots of boat and wave runner use there are always plenty of small waves for the more intermediate SUP boarder, while maintaining enough space for even the newest of beginners to practice balancing. The Jordanelle also provides a courtesy dock during the summer months for sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards to get an easy launch.

    We at STAGE love the Jordanelle because its proximity to Park City, Heber, and Salt Lake City. It is one of the closest and biggest paddleboard spots to our base camp in Sandy, Utah. The Jordanelle is the perfect spot for an adventurer looking for a weekend get-away, or a sunny day trip.

    Amenities Include: Restroom w/ showers, parking lot, park office, entrance station, boat ramp, concessions, dry storage, covered boat storage, dump station.

    Tip: Come early and either bring a towel and umbrella for the beach or snag one of many pavilions with built in bbqs! Also weekdays are cheaper than weekends!

  2. Pineview Reservoir – Weber County

    60 Minutes from Downtown SLC

    80 Minutes from AJ Motion Sports, Sandy

    Pineview reservoir offers an amazing variety of fish to catch, a huge beach, and the warmest waters in Northern Utah. Offering approximately 4 square miles of 40-foot-deep warm water, Pineview is a must go place for any Utahn.  At all times during the summer you can find a party at Pineview, amazing windsurfing, swimming, and fishing makes Pineview the busiest reservoir for its size in all of Utah.

    Pineview has three large swim areas accommodated by sandy beaches and plenty of day use areas. Pineview has several different convenient water access points in all 4 directions of the reservoir! This reservoir is filled with Blue Ribbon Trophy Tiger Muskie, a must catch challenge for many fishers. We recommend bringing out a STAGE X10 Expedition iSUP and a fishing pole on this adventure.

    Weber county would like to remind all adventurers to always pick up their trash and recycling, and that as of mid June 2017 alcohol will be no longer be allowed!

    Amenities Includes: 3 Paved launch ramps, modern campgrounds, modern lodging

    Tip: There are free beaches you can access before cemetery point, if you're looking for an inexpensive day trip!

  3.  East Canyon Reservoir – Morgan County

    60 Minutes from Downtown SLC

    65 Minutes from AJ Motion Sports, Sandy

    East Canyon Reservoir is a long time classic for locals and tourists alike, founded in the early 1960’s, this extremely historic state park has serviced boaters, fishers, and campers for over half a century. East Canyon is also known for it’s historic trails, including the Mormon Pioneer trail which was also used by the Donner Party and Pony Express.

    The East Canyon State Park features a square mile reservoir great for all skill levels of paddle boarders. East Canyon offers one of the most diverse playgrounds in Northern Utah, including amazing fishing, camping, Yurt and Cabin services, and historical trails including a view of remnants of a Mormon built stronghold, Fort Wells.

    We love East Canyon because of its winding, beautiful canyon drive, and its close proximity to Salt Lake City. The waters are calm and perfect for all our needs, the wildlife is nowhere near lacking, and the history is exciting.

    Amenities: Restroom w/ showers, parking lot, dump station, entrance station, boat ramp, concession, dry storage

    Tip: This place gets busy quick, so it's best to get a campground or arrive early to snag a spot! The water is cold so make sure to pack a towel to dry off!

  4.  Willard Bay – Box Elder County

    90 Minutes from Downtown SLC

    80 Minutes from AJ Motion Sports, Sandy

    Willard Bay is a beautiful mix of nearly 20 miles of warm waters and amazing wildlife watching, only 12 miles northwest of Ogden. Recently renovated, Willard Bay continues to amaze visitors 50 years later with its state of the art day use and camping facilities. The beautiful panoramic view of our amazing Utah mountains is one of the best reasons to be on the water here.

    Wide sandy beaches, covered pavilions, and over 10,000 acres of water create a huge playground for groups of all sizes and skill levels. Willard Bay also contains some of the best fishing in Northern Utah, with a wide variety of catfish, crappie, and smallmouth bass. These amazing waters bring more than 200,000 visitors to the park each year.

    Willard Bay is a must go spot for anybody looking for a beautiful scenic adventure in Utah. We love Willard Bay because of how close it is to the historic city of Ogden and the gorgeous view while boarding on the warm waters.  The location of Willard Bay makes it perfect for anybody looking to cool down during the hot summers.

    Amenities: Dump station, restroom w/ showers, parking lot, boat ramp, dry storage, restrooms, concession, fish cleaning station, entrance station.

    Tip: Make sure your boat is mussel free and  have proof of this or else you will not be allowed to launch your boat into the water!

  5.  Highland Glen Park – Utah County

    40 Minutes from Downtown SLC

    35 Minutes from AJ Motion Sports, Sandy

    Highland Glen is a community pond located just south of Lone Peak High School, the park itself has a beach volleyball court, pavilions, and an awesome playground for kids. A quiet and peaceful place to master your paddle boarding skills, Highland Glen brings a lot of newcomers to the sport here. You can also commonly find fishers looking for rainbow trout and chanel catfish.

    Highland Glen Park is a must go for anybody looking to take a few hours out of their day to play in the water and get their family out into the sun. Beginners and first-timers will love this peaceful area. We prefer this pond for a peaceful day of fishing off of the pier or better yet on a STAGE X10 Expedition iSUP  paddle board.

    Amenities: playgrounds, restrooms, picnic areas, fishing pier

    Tip: This pond is amazing for a day trip to teach the little ones how to fish! Fishers report tons of bites!



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