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2SIDE Double-Sided Paddleboard Paddle - 60% Carbon Fiber w/ PP+F Blades - SUP Paddle

$ 199.99

Love Your Paddle Guarantee: Try the 2SIDE and don't love it? Return it within 30 days for a full refund and we'll even pay the shipping.

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The 2SIDE is a radically innovative SUP paddle that helps you to paddle fasterfurther, and with remarkable stability. Use the 2SIDE while sitting-downstanding-upkneeling, or from a seated kayak position.


  • Double-Sided Design: No more switching sides to paddle means you can paddle faster, further, and with extra stability.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment: Quickly and securely adjust the height on the fly with the quick cam-lock adjustment system.
  • Weather Resistant: All the materials on the paddle are resistant to salt water, high-temperature warpage, and impact. 
  • Floats in Water: Temporarily floats in water thanks to the foam in the blade shafts.
  • 60% Carbon Fiber Shaft: Remarkably lightweightdurable, and reactive.
  • PP+F Blade Construction: This highly durable blend of polypropylene and fiberglass allows you to paddle with power and control.
  • 3-Piece Design:  The 2SIDE dismantles into just three pieces for easy transportation and storage.
  • Includes Handle: All 2SIDE models now include a spare handle for converting to a traditional SUP paddle.

    Double-Sided Paddle Length: 112" to 156" (300cm to 396cm)

    Single Paddle Length: 75" to 90" (190cm to 229cm)

    Double-Sided Paddle Weight: 3lb 3oz (1.4kg)

    Single Paddle Weight: 2lb 2oz (0.96kg)

    Shaft Material: 60% Carbon Fiber

    Center Shaft Length: 53" (135cm)

    Shaft Diameter: 28.7mm

    Blade Material: Blend of polypropylene and fiberglass

    Use: Paddleboard (SUP)

    Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

    The 2SIDE comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer's defects.

    To submit a warranty claim please email:

    Love Your Paddle Guarantee: Return your 2SIDE Paddle for FREE within 30 days of purchase, even if you used the paddle.

    We understand that the 2SIDE Double-Sided SUP Paddle is not for everyone; it's not meant to be. However, paddleboarders who fall into the following scenarios will thoroughly enjoy the 2SIDE:

    • Want to paddle further distances, faster
    • Want to try something new and fun out on their paddle board
    • Prefer to paddle with a passenger on the board like a pup or youngling
    • Looking for more speed on the water
    • Want better maneuverability and turn-ability on the water
    • Looking to more easily paddle upstream or against the wind

    If any of these situations sound like you, we highly recommend you try the 2SIDE because this paddle was built for you by paddleboard enthusiasts like you.


    To Return Your Paddle: Please email

    Refund will be initiated after the product has been successfully returned and our team has inspected the product to make sure there is no significant damage or missing parts.



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    Try the 2SIDE and don't love it? Return the paddle within 30 days of purchase for FREE

    (we'll even pay the return shipping).


    The 2SIDE comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer's defects.

    To submit a warranty claim please email:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    josh beloff

    Excellent quality, completely adjustable and checks every box for versatility. Used both for sitting and standing and paddled strong in both positions as a result of the paddle.

    James Hofer

    I don’t write a lot of reviews. However in this case I have made an exception. I did a ton of research to find a paddle that would benefit me in multiple ways. The stage paddle in my opinion is the best paddle out there. From a standup perspective it does aid in balance. It also gives you a better back workout because of the way you can easily stroke side to side with the paddle extended. I also find that you can go farther with the stage paddle than the conventional one-sided peddle. I purchased a kayak seat kit from my board manufacturer and the stage paddle allows me to adjust my paddle length and perform kayaking during rough seas or if I get tired on my SUP. Therefore I have a three in one paddle that allows me to do everything that I want on my SUP. I would 100% recommend this product. I picked the middle range paddle but I’m sure the other two are just as good.

    Super Fast!

    This two-sided paddle will increase your speed and help keep you going in a straight direction! I was able to go at least 20 to 25% faster than normal my first time using it and no more "side to side" swerving. It allowed me to track in a straight line, something I haven't been able to master with a regular SUP paddle. I use an app to track distance and I was surprised at how far I had gone in less than 2 hours of paddling. I'm not sure that it helped with balance but I don't really have an issue with that anyway. :) Being longer, this paddle is not as nimble as a traditional SUP paddle, but that's to be expected. And you may want to pay attention to your wrist movement to make sure you're not putting any added stress there. It's just...different. Different than a sit-down kayak paddle stroke and different than a typical SUP paddle stroke. But if you're looking for speed gains then this is the paddle for you! You will easily go faster with no increase in effort.

    A whole new SUP experience!

    I love love love my new 2-side! It is so rhythmic and relaxing to paddle this way. Glides along effortlessly. I can keep up with my much stronger husband paddling against the wind. He commented on my grin today when we were out. Total convert!
    Excellent customer service and support too!
    Shout out to Brandon!
    Thank you!

    Sofia Jordan
    Lot of Fun!!!

    My husband and I LOVE the 2-Side! It makes paddling with our lab so much easier. The shipping was fast and great. I also liked that if we didn't like the paddle we could return it still, that made me feel more confident about buying. Thanks Stage team!

    Paddle How You Want, Where You Want


    The 2SIDE can be adjusted on the fly so you can paddle while standing, kneeling, or sitting. Adjust the length of the 2SIDE while on the water, thanks to the tool-free adjustment system. The 2SIDE performs great from a seated kayak position on a paddleboard.

    No More Fighting the Elements


    The STAGE 2SIDE SUP Paddle makes paddling easier even when paddling upstream, into the wind, or carrying an extra passenger. 

    Effortlessly build momentum and speed without sacrificing stability, thanks to the unique double-sided design of the 2SIDE.

    We engineered the 2SIDE to be instinctively feathered while paddling, allowing for less wind resistance and improved speeds

    Best for paddlers 5'2" to 6'3"


    Quickly adjust the height of the 2SIDE paddle with the tool-free adjustment to fit the size of any rider, 5'2" to 6'3", via the secure Quick Cam-Lock Adjusters

    Alternatively, convert the 2SIDE to a single paddle by inserting the spare handle.

    Adjusts between 118" to 156" / 300cm to 396cm.

    7 Years in the Making


    The 2SIDE (initially called the "Switchblade") has gone through years of development as we continued to refine and enhance the paddle with the help of your feedback and suggestions.

    The new and improved double-sided paddle now features a stiffer Dynamic Flexing Shaft, optimized for durability and responsiveness on the water.

    Additionally, the 2SIDE now features an ultra-secure Quick Cam-Lock Adjustment System, which provides a formfitting snug hold on all three paddle pieces. This system also allows for size adjustment on the fly.

    Lastly, we modified the 2SIDE to dismantle in just three pieces instead of the prototype versions' four- or five-piece variants. This change resulted in a much more responsive and stiffer paddle.

    All 2SIDE models now include a spare handle for converting to a traditional SUP paddle.

    The 2SIDE is now available in aluminum60% carbon fiber, and 100% carbon fiber versions.  


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