Stage OTG Goggle


Stage OTG Goggle

Over the Glasses goggles that reflect individual style. The Stage OTG fits comfortable over prescription glasses. An adjustable strap matches any head size and fits over a helmet. The amber lens color provides optimal performance for a wide variety of lighting conditions. Anti-fog treatment helps prevent fogging even in the roughest conditions. Goggles can be worn without glasses.  Great for any winter activity.  Available with a vented or non-vented lens.  Now also available with our best selling Detector Lens for stormy, low-light days.

  • Stylish Over the Glasses (OTG) complete with protective microfiber storage bag.
  • Spherical double anti-fog lenses
  • Fits over helmet with fully adjustable strap
  • Flexible and durable frame for comfortable fit
  • Great for any winter activity

A word from Ho-Pow --  "As a person that wears glasses, I find it a little offensive when a hipster is sporting eye glass frames without the lenses. Yea, I get it...they are just going for the look. But some of us seriously need thick lenses to see. How would they feel if I mocked them by wearing tight pants and a flannel? Anyway, so glad I got these ski goggles to fit over my glasses. Now I can see while I am riding and my eyeballs don't freeze."

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