Stage Brand Advocates and Sponsorship

Want to help STAGE grow and earn free product on social media?  We need your help in spreading the good word and are willing to reward your efforts! Get started with one of the options below, our top two current winter offers.

How to move forward if you already have Stage goggles?

You probably have everything you need to get going.  During the month of March, follow us on Instagram on Facebook,  post two images using your Stage goggles to Instagram and two to Faceboook, and we will give you a $30 credit (at MSRP) on our site.  Note:  You can only post once per week to IG and FB.

Need a pair of Stage goggles to get going?  Two options below

Option 1- For only $15 and free freight, you can pick any size of Stunt goggle (LG, SM, Y) in black or white frame with smoke lens, plus any custom strap.  We will ship this to you for free in the USA. For Lens and Frame Color Substitution see option 2.

Option 2 - For only $30 and free freight you get any custom goggle built on our site, and a sticker pack, and one balaclava or face mask.  Please note - Photochromic lenses are excluded from this promotion.

Please contact us at for additional questions and to order one of these options.


Want to be sponsored by STAGE?


  1. Tell us what you can do to help promote Stage in your local area, especially the Goggles for the Good Guys promotion, the general awesome custom goggle opportunity with STAGE platform, plus other customization programs for teams, athletes, clubs.
  2. submit a "sponsor me" video through Youtube or email
  3. Tell us about your role in the industry and why you feel you could represent the brand well on a consistent basis
  4. Share your social media accounts for us to check out
  5. be willing to participate in Stage sponsored video and photo shoots
  6. wear and represent Stage brand goggles and other merchandise that is provided



  1. Monthly social media posts to the Stage accounts, your personal accounts, and interaction promoting Stage in at least one forum
  2. Help communicate great ideas for STAGE to develop products and evolve the Stunt platform
  3. Help us uncover great events and even new contacts to further invest in the Stage brand in your area

Please contact us at for additional questions and to apply to the program.