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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love this paddle for SUP and SUP/Kayak Combos!

I own the Star Rival inflatable kayak which is essentially a large SUP with a low, folding lawn chair attached. It is designed to be paddled from either a stand-up or sit-down position. The STAGE 2SIDE paddle is a perfect match for this style of SUPing/kayaking. It is extremely easy to adjust paddle length on the fly. The kayak stroke is much more efficient than a SUP stroke as you are not always changing hands and moving the paddle from one side to the other in order to keep tracking in a straight line. I highly recommend this paddle for standard SUPs and SUP/Kayak combos like mine.

Paul M
Versatile, light, easy to use and adjust. Excellent build quality. Worth the upgrade.

Big improvement from the original 5-piece aluminum "Switchblade" I bought for $40 from "Amazon Warehouse" 2 years ago.
The SUP motion, reaching forward, switching sides, feathering, ruddering, J-stroking, to go straight is bearable for awhile but the
kayak stroke is easier, more natural and efficient.
I have 2 "SUP/Yaks". The blade shortens to 285cm and works very well kneeling or sitting(best in an elevated chair with hands high) using a kayak stroke. Also added 1" drip rings as "stops" to evenly center blades quickly.
The 100% carbon blades are an upgrade from the flexible PP/FG on the 3 other models.
The blade shafts flex progressively more they are extended. If paddling aggressively, there is a minor rebound at the end of the stroke but not as much as the PP/FG blade. The Quick Cam-Locks work great but must be tightened per help sheet so blades don't rotate.
In SUP mode (with handle), the shaft/blade is rigid and provides a powerful stroke. Great option for cross-training and single paddle skill improvement.
A lightly padded carrying bag(also for shipping protection)plus drip rings would be a nice addition. Changing the # marks to height marks would make it easier when used by multiple paddlers. Thanks to STAGE for making SUP'ing great again!

Hayden Dixon
This paddle is much superior to a regular paddle.

The quality of the construction is great, I am happy I picked this one and not the aluminum as I am quite rough on my equipment.

Patrick Reed
Enjoying the Paddle

The 2side paddle is totally awesome! I have both the aluminum (for my wife) and the 100% carbon fiber for myself, and both have been fantastic. The build quality on both of the paddles is good, but the 100% carbon fiber is worth the extra price. The paddle is very lightweight and easy to handle. This paddle makes paddleboarding for me FUN AGAIN!!!! Before this paddle I was mostly looking forward to the beer and family time during lake days, but the 2side makes me want to go out on a paddleboard. I can go much faster even in the wind.

Paddle How You Want, Where You Want


The 2SIDE can be adjusted on the fly so you can paddle while standing, kneeling, or sitting. Adjust the length of the 2SIDE while on the water, thanks to the tool-free adjustment system. The 2SIDE performs great from a seated kayak position on a paddleboard.

No More Fighting the Elements


The STAGE 2SIDE SUP Paddle makes paddling easier even when paddling upstream, into the wind, or carrying an extra passenger. 

Effortlessly build momentum and speed without sacrificing stability, thanks to the unique double-sided design of the 2SIDE.

We engineered the 2SIDE to be instinctively feathered while paddling, allowing for less wind resistance and improved speeds

Best for paddlers 5'2" to 6'3"


Quickly adjust the height of the 2SIDE paddle with the tool-free adjustment to fit the size of any rider, 5'2" to 6'3", via the secure Quick Cam-Lock Adjusters

Alternatively, convert the 2SIDE to a single paddle by inserting the spare handle.

Adjusts between 118" to 156" / 300cm to 396cm.

7 Years in the Making


The 2SIDE (initially called the "Switchblade") has gone through years of development as we continued to refine and enhance the paddle with the help of your feedback and suggestions.

The new and improved double-sided paddle now features a stiffer Dynamic Flexing Shaft, optimized for durability and responsiveness on the water.

Additionally, the 2SIDE now features an ultra-secure Quick Cam-Lock Adjustment System, which provides a formfitting snug hold on all three paddle pieces. This system also allows for size adjustment on the fly.

Lastly, we modified the 2SIDE to dismantle in just three pieces instead of the prototype versions' four- or five-piece variants. This change resulted in a much more responsive and stiffer paddle.

All 2SIDE models now include a spare handle for converting to a traditional SUP paddle.

The 2SIDE is now available in aluminum60% carbon fiber, and 100% carbon fiber versions.  


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