STAGE Edge Tuner - Ski & Snowboard


The STAGE Two-Sided Edge Tuner offers quick and easy edge maintenance in a pocket sized tool. This ergonomically designed Edge Tuner offers both 88° (degree) angle for side edges and 90° (degree) angle for base edges. Switch the bevel in seconds via its 2-Sided file insert.



  • 2-Sided File Insert for 88° or 90° Bevel
    • One Side is a dual cut bastard file good for material removal
    • One side is a straight cut bastard file great for fine tuning 
  • Pocket Sized for Easy Transports
  • 88° or 90° Bevel
  • Ergonomically Designed with Easy-to-Use Grip


  • Item Weight: ~0.32 ounces
  • Item Model Number: STGT-002


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Good inexpensive solution to maintain edges but can be challenging to use

Works well on the base edge but when using on the side edge, tool has a tendency to swivel and also gets obstructed by the brakes. Not totally sure if I can rely on this for the side edge bevel. At the moment, I'm using it intermittently to keep the edges in check but would still refer to a shop after every 5-6 trips to the mountain for edge sharpening.

Jeff R.
Nice simple accurate durable edge tuner

I purchased two of these edge tuners since they are inexpensive, well built, durable and easy to use. I had previously used a swix edge tuner which was smaller, more expensive, less durable and less accurate. I like this edge tuner better since the file is longer and the tuner body is more rigid and solid which makes it more accurate when tuning edges. I tune my ski edges regularly after every couple of waxings as I wax, tune and do small base repairs on my skis. I use a light touch often as I tend to avoid rocks on the slopes.

good, informative tutorial

good how to use your tool tutorial

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