STAGE Stunt Photochromic Lens

Stage Stunt Photochromic Lens

Stage Stunt Photochromic Lens
  • Automatically adjusts lens tint to match light conditions
  • Always the perfect lens for the current conditions
  • Amber base tint adds definition to terrain
  • Distortion free spherical shape
  • Dual lens design
  • Permanent anti-fog treatment
  • Full spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • 20-60% VLT

The Stage Stunt Photochromic lens automatically adjusts it tint to match light conditions, getting darker as conditions get sunnier and vice versa. The amber base tint adds definition to terrain no matter the light conditions. A distortion free spherical design prevents eye strain, and the permanent anti-fog treatment keeps the lens clear. Always the perfect lens, from bright sun, to stormy days, to night riding, customize your Stage Stunt Goggles with the Stunt Photochromic Lens.

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Jay N

Lens is always dark, Perfect for 100% Sun & Night Riding, Not inbetween

I second Ryan's review, the lens is always too dark. I think it is because even if it an overcast day, the UV rays are still strong and hence how the lens darken. So this lens would work if you gone riding in the day, have dinner, and then ride at night. It will not dim substantially if you were to ride bring sunny day in the morning, then overcast/cloudy in the afternoon. I have since got a low light smoke lens when it is foggy/overcast, the lens on the Stunt are easy enough to change...well not as easy as their Propnetic line.


Lens is always dark

Yesterday I tried this lens while skiing in the thickest fog I have ever skied in (about 20-30 feet maximum visibility). The lens remained a deep purple color. When the sun came out the deep purple lens was very nice. I have also used the lens at the end of the day when the sun is setting, and the lens never lightened. If there is any sunlight, the lens will be fully dark. This lens is amber colored only in very dark conditions. It might be OK for night skiing. I would recommend Stage goggles, but not the photochromic lens. You are better off buying 2 lenses for for different conditions. I will probably buy a lighter lens and only use this one on very sunny days.

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