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Please keep in mind the following tips when using your STAGE SUP Board:

The valve must be in the "Up" position when inflating to hold air, and that the valve area must be kept free from dirt and debris to maintain proper function.

Avoid getting dirt or sand inside the pump or pump hose.

Treat the pump, and especially PSI gauge, with care. I understand I can break the gauge or ruin the calibration if I don't treat the pump carefully.

The removable fin must not contact the ground or rocks under the water to avoid risk of breaking. New fins are not covered under warranty if it breaks or is lost.

Paddle fittings must be snug to avoid pieces of the paddle falling off into the water and sinking. I also understand paddles are light and not super tough. I can't throw the paddle or step on it without fittings breaking. Lost or Broken Paddles are not covered under your SUP Warranty.

Dragging boards across any rocks or rough dirt will cause abrasions on the your sup board. Please carefully carry your board to and from the water.