The Science Behind the 2SIDE Paddle

The Science Behind the 2SIDE

What’s the secret sauce that makes the 2SIDE paddle so unique? Simple: a blend of ingenious design, cutting-edge materials, and finely tuned engineering. Let’s take a deep dive into the science behind the 2SIDE double-sided paddleboard paddle. 

Shaft Materials

Aluminum Shaft: The Metallurgic Marvel

Aluminum, known for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, provides the backbone of our Aluminum 2SIDE Paddle. This non-ferrous metal is corrosion-resistant, perfect for both fresh and saltwater bodies. Moreover, the malleable nature of aluminum ensures that it retains shape and structural integrity. For those seeking a reliable, robust, and wallet-friendly paddle, our Aluminum 2SIDE is the go-to choice.

60% Carbon Fiber Shaft: The Perfect Balance

Our 60% Carbon Fiber 2SIDE Paddle manifests materials engineering at its finest. Integrating carbon fibers into the shaft reduces overall weight while maintaining structural integrity. In addition, carbon fibers are renowned for their exceptional strength and stiffness, providing a high degree of responsiveness and power transfer. So if you aim for longer paddling sessions with less fatigue, our 60% Carbon Fiber shaft is a formidable ally. Did we mention this is our best-selling model?

100% Carbon Fiber Shaft: The Pinnacle of Paddling

Our 100% Carbon Fiber 2SIDE Paddle represents the zenith of paddle design. Pure carbon fibers produce an exceptionally light, stiff, and strong shaft, offering unparalleled power transfer with every stroke. In addition, the interlaced carbon fiber network forms an incredibly resilient structure, ensuring your paddle can endure the toughest conditions. Choose this for an uncompromising paddleboarding experience.

Double-Sided Design

Our unique double-sided design allows you to paddle with incredible speed, distance, and stability. No more switching sides mid-stroke, causing imbalance and loss of momentum. Instead, the 2SIDE Paddle's design keeps you moving fluidly, enhancing your balance and control.

Available in two models, the 100% CF w/ PP+Blades and 100% CF w/ 100% CF Blades.

Polypropylene + Fiberglass Blades: The Harmonious Hybrid

The blades of the 2SIDE Paddle employ a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass (PP+F) - a careful amalgamation that yields a blade with both flexibility and toughness. Polypropylene lends its resilience and impact resistance, while fiberglass imbues the blade with rigidity and strength. This synergistic combination allows you to paddle with a precise balance of power, control, and durability, making it an excellent choice for diverse paddleboarding scenarios.

100% Carbon Fiber Blades: The Elite Edge

Our 100% Carbon Fiber blades are a testament to our high-performance design. With minimal effort, these blades offer efficient power transfer using carbon fiber's renowned stiffness and strength. The high modulus of elasticity of carbon fiber ensures the blade's form remains consistent during strokes, allowing you to maintain a steady, robust pace. Opt for our 100% Carbon Fiber blades and elevate your paddleboarding journey to a superior level.

Tool-Free Adjustment

We know that convenience matters. That's why we've incorporated a quick cam-lock adjustment system that doesn't require any tools. You can securely adjust the height of your paddle on the fly, ensuring it's always perfectly tailored to your height and paddling style.

Dihedral Blade Shape: A Stroke of Genius

The dihedral blade shape on our 2SIDE paddles is not simply a stylistic choice—it's a strategic innovation to enhance your paddling efficiency. This design allows water to flow evenly off each side of the blade, minimizing flutter and offering a smooth, stable stroke. In addition, by reducing resistance and turbulence, the dihedral blade shape ensures each paddle stroke is efficient, powerful, and fatigue-reducing.

10° Blade Angle: Geometry Meets Performance

Our engineers set the blade angle at a precise 10 degrees to optimize each paddle stroke's power and control. This angle facilitates a more effective "catch" in the water— the phase of the stroke where force is applied—enhancing propulsion while reducing energy expenditure. Whether racing across a flat lake or navigating rolling waves, the 10-degree blade angle balances stability and thrust perfectly.


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