Seven Years of Innovation


The 2SIDE paddle, formerly known as the "Switchblade," embodies seven years of relentless innovation and enhancement, shaped by your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Take a look at what's new on the newest generation of the world's first double-sided SUP paddle

Engineered for Peak Performance

Stiffer, Ultra-Responsive Shaft

This newly engineered shaft brings greater responsiveness to your paddling experience, naturally adapting to your paddling style for optimal blade feathering. In addition, this adaptability minimizes wind resistance, delivering a smoother and more efficient stroke.

Plus, we've amped up the rigidity of the shaft. So, what does this mean for you? More power with every stroke and enhanced speed while gliding across the water. Now, your paddle works with you, improving your performance and turning each paddling session into an exhilarating experience.

Available in Aluminum, 60% Carbon Fiber, and 100% Carbon Fiber Variants.
Hassle-Free Adjustment

Quick-Cam Lock Adjusters

Our improved clamps not only secure the three pieces of your 2SIDE together, but they also allow for simple adjustments. The Quick Cam-Lock Adjusters provide an easy, tool-free method to tailor your paddle's length to your preference.

The 2SIDE can be adjusted to fit most 5'0" to 6'5" users.
Convert to a Traditional Paddle

Includes a Handle

Every 2SIDE now comes with an included handle, allowing easy conversion into a traditional paddle. It's the perfect feature for paddlers who love having the best of both worlds.
We Stand By Our Paddle


Try the 2SIDE and don't love it? Then, return the paddle within 30 days of purchase for FREE
(we'll even pay for the return shipping).