2SIDE Double Paddleboard Paddle - 100% Carbon Fiber | PP+F Blades

The STAGE 2-SIDE CF100PP SUP paddle offers a 100% carbon fiber shafts with PP+Fiber blades (a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass) to create a stiffer and lighter paddle than our Aluminum 2-SIDE double-bladed paddle. This version also comes with a handle piece to easily convert the paddle into a single paddle as well.  Reduced paddle weight will reduce fatigue, and increase your ability to paddle longer.

The STAGE 2-SIDE CF100PP two-sided SUP paddle features adjustable length via two cam-levers to adjust between differing paddler's heights. The cam-lever adjustment also allows for feathering of the blades to aid paddling in windy conditions. The paddle breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage and can also be used as a single paddle.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber Composite Shaft reduces weight and adds stiffness
  • Durable PP+Fiber Blades. (Blend of polypropylene and fiberglass).
  • Double Paddle Adjusts between 112" to 156" to fit paddlers 5'2 to 6'3
  • Double Paddle Weighs 3 lbs., 1 oz.
  • Singe Paddle Adjusts from 75 inches to over 90 inches in length!
  • Single Paddle Weighs 2 lbs.


We improved the new STAGE 2-SIDE SUP paddle line-up based on direct customer feedback over the last couple years. This new series has replaced our original Switchblade double-sided SUP paddle series with some important improvements. 

This paddle series is used similar to a kayak paddle while stand up paddle-boarding.  It creates a steady rhythm and quicker momentum, which provides better balance and increased maneuverability. This new version can also be converted into a single paddle with the included end piece. It offers less rattle and more stiffness than the original Switchblade. The 2-SIDE SUP paddles are still great for all levels. From beginners simply learning to balance on the board, intermediates advancing their skills, and experts running rivers or paddling into currents and small waves.

Once you try the STAGE 2-SIDE double bladed paddleboard paddle, you will not want to go back to a single paddle again!


The STAGE 2-SIDE  SUP paddle makes for easy paddling up stream, into the wind, or even makes carrying an extra passenger, child, or dog easier. The blades can be feathered for less wind resistance. Never again be stuck struggling to paddle home after the afternoon windspick up.

The STAGE 2-SIDE SUP paddle improves your center of balance, helps you paddle straighter, and aids in maneuverability.


Never again lose momentum or your rhythm switching the SUP paddle from one side of your board to the other.  The STAGE 2-SIDE SUP paddle allows you to paddle efficiently without the need to switch paddle sides and swap hands.


The STAGE 2-SIDE SUP Paddle easily adjusts to differing paddler's heights with two quick
cam-lock adjusters. The cam-lock also allows the blades to be feathered to ease your double bladed SUP paddling into the wind.

Adjusts between 118"/300cm to 156"/396cm

Fits paddlers 5'2 to 6'3


The new and improved STAGE 2-SIDE double bladed SUP paddle will break apart into three sections for easy transport and storage. This version also includes an extra end piece that can adapt the paddle into a single paddle if desired. Fit the 2-SIDE SUP Paddle in your car, store it in a  closet, even fit it in your iSup Bag while transporting your board to your favorite destination.

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