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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dan Nord
Love this paddle!

I grew up paddling canoes, so I've got a strong J-stroke. But no matter how much effort I put into my J, I simply can't keep from over-driving my paddle-board, forcing me to switch sides constantly. But not no more. Now that I have this paddle, I get two strokes for every one, and never have to switch sides.

Note that it IS a heavy paddle. At least the aluminum one that I got - the carbon fiber one is probably much lighter. I have a cheap and very tippy foam paddle board. When I was first getting used to this paddle (three years ago), it would occasionally cause unplanned swimming adventures. But once you figure things out, you can actually use the weight to help you keep your balance. By holding the paddle level and reaching it out sideways, you can shift your center of gravity and bring yourself back in balance. Just like a tight-rope walker uses his balance beam.

Also, the ability to adjust the length for standing and kneeling is a real plus. Especially when paddling into a head-wind.

Customer service is outstanding. This is actually my second Stage paddle. One of the tubes on the one I got three years ago bent slightly, just enough to keep me from fully shortening it. I contacted Stage to see if they could ship me a replacement tube. But the model I got is no longer in stock, and they didn't have any spare parts. So they sold me a new one at half price. I'm very good with that.

Ethan Sharp
I'm a happy camper and happy paddler

Overall this paddle exceeded my expectations. The build quality is good, and the customer service is even better. It took me a few times with the paddle to get used to the technique and form, but once I pushed passed the learning curve, I think my paddle boarding experience has been enhanced forever.

Game Changer

Love this paddle. No worrying about switching side to side without hitting any coolers or bags on front of board.
Very relaxing to use. Going to get another for my wife.

Awesome paddle, very happy

Really enjoyed this paddle. I felt faster, more stable, and overall had more fun while paddling. Build quality is very good for the price and the shipping/customer service was great. Can't wait to paddle more.

Jackie Ryan
A Solid Paddle

I've had my paddle for about two weeks now and I'm still trying to get comfortable with it. The build quality seems solid and the weight isn't bad at all. I really like the design and the fact that you can adjust the length of the handle. I'll definitely be using this paddle more!

Paddle How You Want, Where You Want


The 2SIDE can be adjusted on the fly so you can paddle while standing, kneeling, or sitting. Adjust the length of the 2SIDE while on the water, thanks to the tool-free adjustment system. The 2SIDE performs great from a seated kayak position on a paddleboard.

No More Fighting the Elements


The STAGE 2SIDE SUP Paddle makes paddling easier even when paddling upstream, into the wind, or carrying an extra passenger. 

Effortlessly build momentum and speed without sacrificing stability, thanks to the unique double-sided design of the 2SIDE.

We engineered the 2SIDE to be instinctively feathered while paddling, allowing for less wind resistance and improved speeds

Best for paddlers 5'2" to 6'3"


Quickly adjust the height of the 2SIDE paddle with the tool-free adjustment to fit the size of any rider, 5'2" to 6'3", via the secure Quick Cam-Lock Adjusters

Alternatively, convert the 2SIDE to a single paddle by inserting the spare handle.

Adjusts between 118" to 156" / 300cm to 396cm.

7 Years in the Making


The 2SIDE (initially called the "Switchblade") has gone through years of development as we continued to refine and enhance the paddle with the help of your feedback and suggestions.

The new and improved double-sided paddle now features a stiffer Dynamic Flexing Shaft, optimized for durability and responsiveness on the water.

Additionally, the 2SIDE now features an ultra-secure Quick Cam-Lock Adjustment System, which provides a formfitting snug hold on all three paddle pieces. This system also allows for size adjustment on the fly.

Lastly, we modified the 2SIDE to dismantle in just three pieces instead of the prototype versions' four- or five-piece variants. This change resulted in a much more responsive and stiffer paddle.

All 2SIDE models now include a spare handle for converting to a traditional SUP paddle.

The 2SIDE is now available in aluminum60% carbon fiber, and 100% carbon fiber versions.  


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