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2SIDE Double-Sided Paddleboard Paddle - Aluminum w/ PP+F Blades - SUP Paddle

$ 99.99

Love Your Paddle Guarantee: Try the 2SIDE and don't love it? Return it within 30 days for a full refund and we'll even pay the shipping.

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Meet the 2SIDE Aluminum Double-Sided Paddleboard Paddle, a true revolution in SUP paddles built to enhance your performance on the water. With this innovative paddle, you'll go further, faster, and with more control, whether you're standing, sitting, kneeling, or seated.


  • Double-Sided Design: Say goodbye to switching sides while paddling. Our double-sided design allows for a more streamlined and efficient paddling experience, improving your speed and stability on the water.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment: No tools? No problem. Our paddle features a quick cam-lock adjustment system that lets you quickly and securely change the height on the fly.
  • Weather Resistant: Built to last, every material used in our paddle is resistant to salt water, high temperatures, and impact. So you can count on its resilience in any condition.
  • Floats in Water: Accidentally dropped your paddle? No worries! The foam in the blade shafts offers temporary flotation in water.
  • Aluminum Shaft Construction: Our lightweight, durable, and responsive aluminum shaft provides an excellent balance of weight and strength.
  • PP+F Blade Construction: Our blades' combination of polypropylene and fiberglass ensures a robust and controlled paddle, stroke after stroke.
  • 3-Piece Design: Convenience is key. The 2SIDE paddle easily disassembles into three pieces for effortless transportation and storage.
  • Includes Spare Handle: We've got you covered. All 2SIDE models now come with a spare handle, enabling you to convert to a traditional SUP paddle when needed.

Embrace the 2SIDE revolution and elevate your paddleboarding experience today!

      Double-Sided Paddle Length: 112" to 156" (300cm to 396cm)

      Single Paddle Length: 75" to 90" (190cm to 229cm)

      Double-Sided Paddle Weight: 3lb 12oz (1.7kg)

      Single Paddle Weight: 2lb 9oz (1.2kg)

      Shaft Material: Aluminum

      Center Shaft Length: 53" (135cm)

      Shaft Diameter: 28.7mm

      Blade Material: Blend of polypropylene and fiberglass

      Use: Paddleboard (SUP)

      Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

      The 2SIDE comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer's defects.

      To submit a warranty claim please email:

      Love Your Paddle Guarantee: Return your 2SIDE Paddle for FREE within 30 days of purchase, even if you used the paddle.

      We understand that the 2SIDE Double-Sided SUP Paddle is not for everyone; it's not meant to be. However, paddleboarders who fall into the following scenarios will thoroughly enjoy the 2SIDE:

      • Want to paddle further distances, faster
      • Want to try something new and fun out on their paddle board
      • Prefer to paddle with a passenger on the board like a pup or youngling
      • Looking for more speed on the water
      • Want better maneuverability and turn-ability on the water
      • Looking to more easily paddle upstream or against the wind

      If any of these situations sound like you, we highly recommend you try the 2SIDE because this paddle was built for you by paddleboard enthusiasts like you.


      To Return Your Paddle: Please email

      Refund will be initiated after the product has been successfully returned and our team has inspected the product to make sure there is no significant damage or missing parts.



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      STAGE's Love Your Paddle Guarantee allows you to return your 2SIDE for absolutely free within 30 days of purchase, if you try the paddle and don't love it.


      Try the 2SIDE and don't love it? Return the paddle within 30 days of purchase for FREE.

      (we'll even pay the return shipping).

      STAGE offers a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on the 2SIDE SUP paddle series.

      1-Year Warranty

      The 2SIDE comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers any manufacturer's defects.

      To submit a warranty claim please email:

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Mai Long
      2side paddle

      fun.... a little heavy.... if I can afford a lighter version, would do in a hear beat...

      Nice Improvements

      Several years ago I got into SUP and immediately wanted a 13 ft double bladed paddle. STAGE was and continues to be the only company that offers this, so I took a chance on the internets (so to speak). The older all metal model had too many cuffs, was heavy and wobbled like a tent pole. Despite this, it still made the paddling experience far better than with a single sided paddle. I'm simply writing as a nod to the company: you took our suggestions, made the improvements and I'd bet at least $99 USD that the paddles perform much better. There are several reason for a double sided paddle.
      1. Even exertion. No switching sides, better isometrics and a more balanced workout.
      2.Tracking: While out on the ocean in the wind and swell you can "choke up" on one side of the paddle and it's possible to maintain a heading in spite of the elements. Long stroke on one side, short stroke on the other. This alone justifies the paddle.
      3. Stability: Riding ocean swells and chop gets a bit hairy. Having a blade in the water at all times allows you to have a "3rd leg" to work with. (Please ignore any analogies....)
      4: Added Bonus: You can sit, kneel, or even lay down on the board and still paddle comfortably.
      Hope this helps.

      Dan Nord
      Love this paddle!

      I grew up paddling canoes, so I've got a strong J-stroke. But no matter how much effort I put into my J, I simply can't keep from over-driving my paddle-board, forcing me to switch sides constantly. But not no more. Now that I have this paddle, I get two strokes for every one, and never have to switch sides.

      Note that it IS a heavy paddle. At least the aluminum one that I got - the carbon fiber one is probably much lighter. I have a cheap and very tippy foam paddle board. When I was first getting used to this paddle (three years ago), it would occasionally cause unplanned swimming adventures. But once you figure things out, you can actually use the weight to help you keep your balance. By holding the paddle level and reaching it out sideways, you can shift your center of gravity and bring yourself back in balance. Just like a tight-rope walker uses his balance beam.

      Also, the ability to adjust the length for standing and kneeling is a real plus. Especially when paddling into a head-wind.

      Customer service is outstanding. This is actually my second Stage paddle. One of the tubes on the one I got three years ago bent slightly, just enough to keep me from fully shortening it. I contacted Stage to see if they could ship me a replacement tube. But the model I got is no longer in stock, and they didn't have any spare parts. So they sold me a new one at half price. I'm very good with that.

      Ethan Sharp
      I'm a happy camper and happy paddler

      Overall this paddle exceeded my expectations. The build quality is good, and the customer service is even better. It took me a few times with the paddle to get used to the technique and form, but once I pushed passed the learning curve, I think my paddle boarding experience has been enhanced forever.

      Game Changer

      Love this paddle. No worrying about switching side to side without hitting any coolers or bags on front of board.
      Very relaxing to use. Going to get another for my wife.

      Innovative Design


      Our double-sided paddle design eliminates the need to switch sides while paddling, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient paddling experience. Experience improved speed and stability on the water.

      Versatile Use


      The STAGE 2SIDE SUP Paddle makes paddling easier even when paddling upstream, against the wind, or carrying an extra passenger.

      Easy Adjustments


      With our quick cam-lock adjustment system, you can quickly and securely change the height of the paddle without any tools. Adjust on the go for the optimal paddling experience.
      The 2SIDE fits most users 5'0" - 6'5".

      Alternatively, convert the 2SIDE to a single paddle with the included handle.

      Seven Years of Innovation


      The 2SIDE paddle, formerly known as the "Switchblade," embodies seven years of relentless innovation and enhancement, shaped by your valuable feedback and suggestions.

      Weather Resilience


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      A man paddles using the STAGE 2SIDE Double-Sided Paddleboard Paddle on-top of the STAGE S10 Expedition Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard.
      A man and a child on a STAGE Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard. The child is sitting on the front of the board. The man is standing on the board while paddling with the STAGE 2SIDE Double-Sided Paddleboard Paddle.
      A man kneels while using the STAGE 2SIDE Double-Sided Paddleboard Paddle. The man is also using a STAGE Inflatable SUP Board.
      A man using the STAGE 2SIDE Double-Sided Paddleboard Paddle while standing on a STAGE Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard. The man is going fast through the waters of Southern Utah.
      A teenage boy paddles using the STAGE 2SIDE Double Bladed SUP Paddle with a STAGE Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard.

      High-Quality Construction

      Frequently Asked Questions

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